PREEN at UNITI Expo 2024: Showcasing the Future of No-Touch Car Wash Technology


UNITI EXPO 2024 was held in Stuttgart, Germany, from May 14-16. The expo attracted numerous visitors from across the world. The expo featured 470 exhibitors spread across three halls, covering over 40,000 square meters. The event underscored the industry’s rapid growth and the continuous push towards efficiency and sustainability.

Visitors to PREEN’s Stand #3D40 in Hall 3 had the opportunity to discover how our advanced systems can:


  • Maximise Profitability with High-Speed, Efficient Cleaning: PREEN’s AI-powered robotic systems are designed to increase operational throughput, allowing car wash operators to handle more vehicles per hour, thus boosting revenue and customer satisfaction.

  • Command Premium Prices with Revolutionary No-Touch Technology: PREEN’s systems offer a premium, high-quality service that can command higher prices. The no-touch technology ensures meticulous cleaning that preserves vehicle integrity and appeals to customers who prioritize top-tier vehicle care.

  • Ensure Long-Term Reliability with Durable Design: Designed for longevity, PREEN’s systems ensure continuous operation with minimal maintenance, reducing operational interruptions and reinforcing customer trust and loyalty.

  • Embrace Sustainable Technology: Committed to innovation and sustainability, PREEN’s systems achieve significant savings in water, electricity, and soap consumption by directing resources only where necessary.

To get a glimpse of the excitement and innovation at UNITI Expo 2024, watch our highlight video below.

A special thank you goes to the PREEN team, who made this trade fair a complete success.

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